IMDb Ratings in Netflix
This script uses greasemonkey's cross domain implementation of xmlhttp to call a remote script on this server in order to try and find the rating and number of votes of the particular movie.

It also inserts an IMDb search link just in case you are unsure.

This was tested with the latest greasemonkey (0.6.4).

This is based on's IMDb Links in Netflix. Any questions/comments/suggestions or whatever, contact...

- Sometimes will return not found even though it is able to be found on a refresh. Not sure why.
- Sometimes has trouble finding foreign movies.

Update: 06.12.2006
- Released the source [download]
- for an update

Update: 12.05.2005
- Now works with greasemonkey 0.6.4. - Get the old version here.

Update: 09.27.2005
- Fixed some issues for those movies listed as Special Edition, Extended Edition, etc..
- Script now attempts to find the rating if a television series is detected.

Update: 09.19.2005

Please also note that I am not sure how much traffic this will take up and how much till my host says no more. If you would like to somehow help improve upon the imdb searching or help in any way, feel free to contact me.